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Integrated Silicon Solution ISSI
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IS42S32400E Datasheet PDF : IS42S32400E pdf   
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ISSIs 128Mb Synchronous DRAM achieves high-speed data transfer using pipeline architecture. All inputs and outputs signals refer to the rising edge of the clock input. The 128Mb SDRAM is organized in 1Meg x 32 bit x 4 Banks.

•  Clock frequency: 166, 143, 133 MHz
•  Fully synchronous; all signals referenced to a positive clock edge
•  Internal bank for hiding row access/precharge
•  Single Power supply: 3.3V + 0.3V
•  LVTTL interface
•  Programmable burst length – (1, 2, 4, 8, full page)
•  Programmable burst sequence: Sequential/Interleave
•  Auto Refresh (CBR)
•  Self Refresh
•  4096 refresh cycles every 16ms (A2 grade) or 64 ms (Commercial, Industrial, A1 grade)
•  Random column address every clock cycle
•  Programmable CAS latency (2, 3 clocks)
•  Burst read/write and burst read/single write operations capability
•  Burst termination by burst stop and precharge command


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