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The STLC2593 combines Bluetooth and FM tuner functionality into one product and is fully optimized for mobile applications such as mobile phones, smart phones, PDAs and portable media players. The required board space has been minimized, only 1 external component is needed, power consumption levels are targeted for battery powered devices and the integration allows a cost-effective solution. The reduction of external components eases the integration of the STLC2593. Compared to its successful predecessor, the STLC2590, the STLC2593 supports the latest Bluetooth specification V2.1 (“Lisbon“) + EDR and further optimizes the RF performances and cost.

■ WFBGA 5.0 x 7.5 x 0.8 mm lead-free/RoHS compliant 100 pins
■ Only 1 external component required
■ PCB footprint < 45 mm2

Bluetooth features
■ Based on Ericsson Technology Licensing Baseband Core (EBC)
■ Bluetooth™ specification compliance: V2.1 (“Lisbon”) + EDR
■ HW support for packet types ACL, SCO, eSCO
■ Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH)
■ Channel Quality Driven Data Rate (CQDDR)
■ Power Class 2 and Power Class 1.5 (above 4 dBm) transmit power
■ HCI H4 and enhanced H4 Transport Layer
■ Implements Pitch-Period Error Concealment (PPEC)
■ Fully flexible support for a wide range of WLAN and other co-existence scenarios
■ Optimized Bluetooth and FM radio coexistence
■ Low power consumption
■ Ultra low power architecture with 3 different low-power levels
■ Dual wake-up mechanism
■ Communication interfaces: UART, SPI, PCM...
■ On-chip RAM, on-chip ROM
■ Supports 1.65 V to 2.85 V I/O systems
■ Auto calibration (VCO, Filters)

FM radio features
■ Worldwide FM band support (76-108 MHz)
■ RDS/RBDS processor
■ Line-level analog FM output
■ 2-wire and 3-wire control interface
■ 2.7 V to 5.5 V supply voltage
■ 32.768 kHz reference clock
■ Digital low-IF receiver
■ Signal strength measurement
■ Automatic Frequency Control (AFC)
■ Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
■ Excellent overload immunity and adaptive noise suppression


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