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Description : Surface Mount TRANSZORB® Transient Voltage Suppressors

 • Plastic package has Underwriters Laboratory Flammability Classificaion 94V-0
 • For surface mounted applications
 • Glass passivated junction
 • Excellent clamping capability
 • Low incremental surge resistance
 • Very fast response time
 • 400W peak pulse capability with a 10/1000µs waveform, repetition rate (duty cycle): 0.01% (200W above 91V)
 • For devices with V(BR)≥10V, ID are typically less than 1.0µA
 • High temperature soldering guaranteed: 250°C/10 seconds at terminals
 • Available in unidirectional only

Description : 4.5 V, low IQ, low dropout 300 mA fixed Voltage regulator

General  Description
The APL5308/9 series are micropower, low dropout lin ear regulators, which operate from 2.7V to 6V input Voltage and  del i ver up to  300mA. Typical  dropout  Voltage is  only  400mV  at  300mA  l oadi ng. Desi gned  for   use  in battery-powered  system,  the low  60mA  qui escent current makes it an ideal choice. Design with an internal P-channel MOSFET pass transistor, the  APL5308/9 maintain a low supply current, independent  of  the  load  current  and dropout  Voltage.  Other  features  include  thermal-shutdown   p rotection  current   limit   protection to   ensure specified  output current and controlled  short-circuit current . The APL5308/ 9  regulators  come  in  a  miniature SOT-23-3, SOT-23-5, and SOT-89 packages.

• Low  Quiescent Current : 60mA (No load)
• Low  Dropout V oltage : 400mV (@300mA)
• Fixed  Output  V oltage  :  1.5V ~ 4.5V by Step 0.1V Increment
• Stable  with  Aluminum, T antalum, or  Ceramic Capacitors
• No  Protection  diodes  Needed
• Built-in  Thermal  Protection
• Built-in  Current-Limit  Protection
• Controlled  Short  Circuit  Current  :  50mA
• Fast Transient Response
• Short Setting Time
• SOT-23-3, SOT-23-5, and SOT-89 Packages

Description : PAR® Transient Voltage Suppressors

Automotive Transient Voltage Suppressors
High Temperature Stability & High Reliability Conditions

• Patented PAR® construction
• Available in Unidirectional polarity only
• 400 W peak pulse power capability with a 10/1000 µs waveform, repetitive rate (duty cycle): 0.01 %
• Excellent clamping capability
• Very fast response time
• Low incremental surge resistance
• Typical ID less than 1.0 µA above 10 V rating
• Solder Dip 260 °C, 40 seconds
• Component in accordance to RoHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC

    Use in sensitive electronics protection against Voltage transients induced by inductive load switching and lighting on ICs, MOSFET, signal lines of sensor units for consumer, computer, industrial, automotive and telecommunication.

Description : 150mA, 4mA Quiescent Current Regulator

General Description
The APL5101/2 are micro-power and ultra low dropout linear regulators, which operate from 2V to 6V input Voltage and deliver up to 150mA. Typical dropout Voltage is only 200mV at 150mA loading. Designed for use in battery-powered system, the low 4mA quiescent current makes it an ideal choice. Design with an internal P-channel MOSFET pass transistor, the APL5101/2 maintain a low supply current, independent of the load current and dropout Voltage.

• Ultra Low Quiescent Current: 4mA
• Ultra Low Dropout Voltage: 200mV@3.3V/150mA
• Fixed Output Voltages: 1.2V~3.5V, Steps 100mV · Guaranteed 150mA Output Current
• Stable with 1mF Output Capacitor
• Ceramic Capacitor can be used
• Current-Limit Protection
• Controlled Short Circuit Current: 50mA
• Build-in Thermal Protection
• SOT-23, SOT-23-5, and SOT-89 Packages
• Lead Free and Green Devices Available (RoHS Compliant)

• Hand-Held Equipment
• RTC or CMOS Backup Power
• Battery Powered Equipment

Description : Schottky barrier diode for Mixer and Detector

Schottky barrier diode for Mixer and Detector

This Schottky barrier diode is designed to realize compact and efficient designs. Two Schottky barrier diodes are incorporated in one SC-59 package. The use of dual Schottky barrier diodes can reduce both system cost and board space. This Schottky barrier diode is AEC-Q101 qualified and PPAP capable for automotive applications.

• Series connection of 2 elements in a small-sized package
• Small Interterminal Capacitance (C = 0.69 pF typ)
• Small Forward Voltage (VF = 0.23 V max)
• Pb-Free, Halogen Free and RoHS compliance
• AEC-Q101 qualified and PPAP capable

Typical Applications
• Level Detector for Radio

Description : Thermal automotive Mini-CBE 1620-...

Single pole, thermal miniaturised circuit breaker designed for automotive applications. Fits into fuse blocks designed to ISO 8820-3, Type F.
Automatic reset (for DC 12 V only) and open circuit (modified reset to SAE) version optional. Open circuit version ensures contacts staying open as long as power is on. The circuit breaker will reset after the load is removed. Particularly suitable for installation in inaccessible locations.
Typical applications
    Protection of electrical systems of passenger cars, trucks, buses,
    watercraft, extra low Voltage wiring systems.

Part Name(s) : FMB-2306
Sanken Electric co.,ltd.
Description : 30A Schottky barrier diode in TO220F package

30A Schottky barrier diode in TO220F package

■ Feature
● IF=30A in TO220F package
● Tj=150°C guaranteed

Description : SURMOUNT™ Low and Medium & High barrier Silicon Schottky diodes: Anti-Parallel Pair

Description and Applications
The MA4E2508 SurMountä Anti-Parallel diode Series are Silicon Low, Medium & High barrier Schottky Devices fabricated with the patented Heterolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (HMIC) process. HMIC circuits consist of Silicon pedestals which form diodes or via conductors embedded in a glass dielectric, which acts as the low dispersion, low loss, microstrip transmission medium. The combination of silicon and glass allows HMIC devices to have excellent loss and power dissipation characteristics in a low profile, reliable device.
The Surmount Schottky devices are excellent
choices for circuits requiring the small parasitics of a beam lead device coupled with the superior mechanical performance of a chip. The SurMount structure employs very low resistance silicon vias to connect the Schottky contacts to the metalized mounting pads on the bottom surface of the chip. These devices are reliable, repeatable, and a lower cost performance solution to conventional devices. They have lower susceptibility to electrostatic discharge than conventional beam lead Schottky diodes.
The multi-layer metalization employed in the fabrication of the Surmount Schottky junctions includes a platinum diffusion barrier, which permits all devices to be subjected to a 16-hour non-operating stabilization bake at 300°C.
The “ 0502 ” outline allows for Surface Mount placement and multi- functional polarity orientations.
The MA4E2508 Family of SurMount Schottky diodes are recommended for use in microwave circuits through Ku band frequencies for lower power applications such as mixers, sub-harmonic mixers, detectors and limiters. The HMIC construction facilitates the direct replacement of more fragile beam lead diodes with the corresponding Surmount diode, which can be connected to a hard or soft substrate circuit with solder.

● Extremely Low Parasitic Capitance and Inductance
● Surface Mountable in Microwave Circuits, No Wirebonds Required
● Rugged HMIC Construction with Polyimide Scratch Protection
● Reliable, Multilayer Metalization with a Diffusion
barrier, 100% Stabilization Bake (300°C, 16 hours)
● Lower Susceptibility to ESD Damage

Description : 30A Schottky barrier RECTIFIER

30A Schottky barrier RECTIFIER

Schottky barrier Chip
• Guard Ring Die Construction for
   Transient Protection
• Low Power Loss, High Efficiency
High Surge Capability
High Current Capability and Low Forward
   Voltage Drop
• For Use in Low Voltage, High Frequency
   Inverters, Free Wheeling, and Polarity
   Protection Application
• Plastic Material : UL Flammability
   Classification Rating 94V-0

Fairchild Semiconductor
Description : 30A, 400V - 600V Ultrafast Dual diodes

30A, 600V Ultrafast Rectifier

The RURG3060_F085 is an dual ultrafast diode with soft recovery characteristics (trr<80ns). It has low forward Voltage drop and is silicon nitride passivated ionimplanted epitaxial planar construction.
This device is intended for use as a freewheeling/clamping diode and rectifier in a variety of switching power supplies and other power switching applications. Its low stored charge and ultrafast recovery with soft recovery characteristic minimizes ringing and electrical noise in many power switching circuits, thus reducing power loss in the switching transistors.

High Speed Switching ( trr=60ns(Typ.) @ IF=30A )
• Low Forward Voltage( VF=1.5V(Max.) @ IF=30A )
• Avalanche Energy Rated
• AEC-Q101 Qualified

• Automotive DCDC converter
• Automotive On Board Charger
• Switching Power Supply
• Power Switching Circuits

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